Green Amethysts

Other Green Gemstones

Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) is frequently confused with a number of other, unrelated green, jewelry-grade gemstones:


raw peridot crystalThis attractive lime-green gemstone is a form of the mineral Olivine. A slightly softer mineral than Quartz, peridot is mined throughout the world, with the best specimens coming from Myanmar, Egypt and Pakistan. Peridot is also found in the state of Arizona, where it is abundant but of lesser quality.

Peridot is more yellow in color than green amethyst.

Peridot has been a popular jewel for thousands of years and is said to have been Cleopatra's favorite gem stone. In metaphysics, it is said to heal the emotions and wounded self-esteem and ward off jealosy. Crystal healers believe it helps strengthen the lungs, lymph system, spleen, intestines and eyes. It is also the birthstone for those born in August, associated with the Astrological sign of Leo.

Green Tourmaline

green tourmalineTourmaline is found in a veritible rainbow of colors, including various shades of green, the favorite being a rich, deep, bottle green hue. Tourmaline is slightly harder than Quartz and is said to protect the wearer from danger.

Green Tourmaline is also known as Verdalite. Some varieties are referred to as chrome tourmaline or "Brazilian Tourmaline".

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Tsavorite garnetWhen most people think of garnets, they think of a red stone. However tsavorite, a member of the Garnet family, is a brilliant shade of green! Tsavorite is a relatively "new" gemstone, only discovered in the late 1960's near Tsavo National Park in Africa, from which it gets its name. Tsavorite can also be found in Kenya. Colors range from light green to blue-green to deep forest green. It is slightly harder than Quartz, and has the brilliant sparkle typical of stones in the Garnet family.

Since very few tsavorites are large stones, it is most often used as an accent gem. A related stone, the demantoid garnet, is a highly-luminous gemstone which is also green.

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Chrome Diopside

chrome diopside mineralChrome diopside is a beautiful, intensely-colored green gem found primarily in Russia (Siberia). Chrome diopside rings are beautiful but treat them with care - being a relatively soft gem, it is prone to damage and scratches easily! Diopside is often used as an accent stone, and can also be quite striking when fashioned into earrings, necklaces or pendants.


emeraldLike the Aquamarine, the popular emerald is a form of the mineral Beryl. It is considered a precious gemstone, and is the birthstone for those born in May or under the sign of Taurus.

Green Diamonds

Copy of the Dresden Green DiamondGREEN diamonds? Yes, there is such a thing! True green diamonds are very rare. More common are the olive diamonds (mixed shades of green, yellow and black) found in Africa.

Since natural green diamonds cost a small fortune, green diamond jewelry generally uses diamonds which have attained their color through color enhancement processing. <

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