Green Amethysts

Green Amethyst Jewelry Facts - Buyers Guide

The essential information you need to know about purchasing prasiolite (green amethyst) jewelry.

Is Green Amethyst a treated stone?

emerald cut green amethystWhile a few sources of naturally-occurring green amethyst do exist, you can assume that the green amethyst in your jewelry box or the jeweler's shop window is a special variety of purple amethyst which has been treated to change its color.

The most common method of producing greened amethyst is by heat treating. In recent years, inexpensive prasiolite which has been artifically produced by irradiation of quartz has appeared on the wholesale market. Irradiated minerals are safe for the consumer (no radiation remains on the stone), however it is not considered a "correct" form of the gem. Irradiated quartz is cheaper than genuine prasiolite.

A gemologist or jeweler can tell the difference between heat treated and irradiated stones.

Is there such a thing as synthetic green amethyst?

Synthetic green quartz is manufactured and occasionally used in jewelry. Again, a gemologist can tell the difference. Jewelry merchants should describe such items with labels such as synthetic, simulated or faux.

How is Green Amethyst cut?

The large crystalline structure of prasiolite makes it suitable for large, showy gems in all the popular gemstone cuts. These include cushion, emerald, round, oval, pear shape, trillion (triangular), square, rectangular and more.

How do I care for my green amethyst jewelry?

A fairly durable gem with a hardness of 7 on the Moh's Scale (a scale of mineral hardness ranging from 1(softest) to 10 (diamond) ), green amethyst is fairly resistant to scratching and surface damage and holds up well under everyday wear. Nevertheless, you should treat it with care and store it so that it is not in contact with other items.

Green amethyst can be cleaned through ultasonic cleaners, or with warm soapy water and a soft brush. It is recommended to keep green amethyst away from extremes in temperature.

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