Green Amethysts

Gorgeous Green Amethysts

We've put together a showcase of the hottest selling green amethyst jewelry along with some of our favorites - priced to suit every budget!

About Green Amethysts

faceted green amethystGreen amethyst, also known as Prasiolite,Vermarine or Lime Citrine is a durable, gemstone, ranging in color from a light sage green to a deep grass green. Like the familiar purple amethyst, it is a member of the Quartz mineral family. Elegant by itself, or paired with sophisticated diamond accents, green amethyst lends an exotic yet understated beauty to fine jewelry fashions. brings you information about this little-known gem, and green amethyst jewelry from jewelers around the web - from affordable trendy pieces to stunning designer creations.

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Green Semi Precious Gemstones

peridot crystalPrasiolite (Green amethyst) is frequently mistaken for a number of other green, semiprecious and precious gemstones like green diamonds. Learn all about them and discover how to tell the difference between green amethyst and these lookalikes - your friends will be green with envy!

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